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About Us


The Drinkle Hotel

With over 50 Craft Breweries in Calgary it is time to create a space for people who enjoy beer exploration! The Drinkle Craft Beer Hotel is aiming to create a hotel where each room matches a craft beer theme and guests can choose different brewery experiences and tours. With a variety of tour options available, The Drinkle Hotel will be the epicenter of Craft Beer Tourism in Calgary.


Our Vision

Guests will be able to immerse themselves in a craft beer experience from the beginning to end of their journey in Calgary.  With a focus not just on craft beer but also the community that supports the industry from farmers, and malters, to artisans and hops growers. We will be here to educate and entertain! 


Stay, and Experience Calgary

Calgary is not just Stampede or a brief stop on the way to the mountains. With Craft Beer events happening almost daily in Calgary, we want you to stay awhile and experience this amazing community.

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